Input fields

The type of input field defines the input method of the field. The following field types are available:

Text Fields are the most common used input fields. They accept all alphabetical and numeric characters.

Number fields accept only numeric characters. Depending on the tablet only numbers input is displayed.

Date fields can only accept date input. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD but is displayed as DD-MM-YYYY in Europe. Depending on your tablet/PC a date picker input is used.

Time fields accept only a time input. The time format is HH:mm and uses a 24 hr notation.

Text area fields are used for mutiple rows of input like a description or explanation. The fields expand according to the amount of text. In the fields properties the amount of rows can be specified which determines the height of the text area. If no rows are specified the default height will be 2 rows.

The option list fields gives the user the choice of a fixed set of answers. Every option has a visible value and a data value, which can be the same. For example a option list can contain a number of employee's and if you choose Hank, then Hank will be the visible answer in the form, but in the data export file the field value would be his employee number 123456.

The Add Option + adds extra options and the red cross deletes options

Checkbox fields display all available choices and one or more can be selected. Just like the option list fields choices have a visible value and a data value. Adding and deleting options are the same as described in the options list field.

Radio group fields display all available choices but only one can be selected. When selecting a second choice the first will de unchecked. Just like the option list fields choices have a visible value and a data value. 

Adding and deleting options are the same as described in the options list field.

Signature fields give the user the ability to sign the form with his finger or stylus.The signature fields have fixed height/width and cannot be resized. There is exactly room for 2 signature fields on one form row. When selecting the signature field a signature window is displayed. Draw the signature and press OK to input it into the signature field.

Code fields can be used to create your own input and layout fields. The code must be XHTML and pasted in the XHTML area in the field properties. The code is directly displayed in the designer layout and can be used to create tables with calculations and so on.

Layout fields

There are three different kinds of layout fields which are used for designing the form.

The Header fields are used to divide sections in the form and describe the next set of input fields such as Adress, Workinstructions, Materials, and so on. For both the text as the background a color can be specified. 


Text layout fields are used to describe, explain or give information which is needed for that section of the form. Just as the Header fields both text and background can be given colors.

The Logo field let's you add your logo to the form. Select a image file (jpeg/bmp) and it will be added into the designer layout. Images are scaled to max 80px high and 890px wide. It is also possible to add an image containing the logo and contact information as a form header, or a footer containing quality certificates.