Both input and layout field types can be added by drag and dropping them in the designer area or by clicking on them. 

When moving the cursor over an added field the borders light up blue and field buttons are visible.

Field options

Each field can be  moved, resized, copied and deleted.

Select the blue square in to resize the field horizontally. A field can be minimal 145 px and maximal 900px wide. If a field is drawn wider than the available area on the line it will be placed onto the next line.The exact width can als be entered in the field properties.

Selecting the pencil icon opens the field properties, these are further explained in the field properties section.

Choose the plus icon to dublicate a field. All field properties like name, width and so on are copied. Edit the name so that no two field names are the same as all field names must be unique.

The cross icon deletes the field. When deleting a field the next field in order takes the deletes field place.

Select a field's border to drag and drop it to another location in the form. The form layout and field order will then be altered.