The TabletForms Designer enables you to design and create your own forms.

Select the designer icon, to open the designer screen and create a new designer form.

The Designer screen contains the following options:


Form Name: Name of the form as it is displayed in the app and portal

Form Properties button: 
This opens the forms options screen containing the archive, assigned users, workflow and email options.

Preview button: 
Creates a preview of the form based on the the last saved version

Save button: 
Saves the changes made to the form

Closes the designer screen

Field Types fields
Multiple types of input fields which can be drag and dropped in the designer area

Layout Types fields: 
Multiple types of layout fields which can be drag and dropped in the designer area

Preview example

The preview example merges the designer layout with the designer template. The designer template contains features which have already been added such as the menu buttons and photo attachments.

Submit form

The submit form button closes the form and submits it to the server where the selected workflow is started. Should the form contain empty mandatory fields, a notification will appear and the form will not be closed/submitted.

Photo attachments

Select this button to open the photo attachment screen. Six photo's can be added to the form and by selecting the photo a window is displayed where you can draw on the image. Each photo's name can also be altered which also affects the name of the attachments in the workflow.

Close form

The close form button saves all made changes but does not submit the form so that it can be opend and completed further at a later moment. Closing the form does not start the workflow.

Saved designer forms can further be edited by clicking Designer in the form screen. (Only designer forms have this option, imported forms, do not have this option)