The Tablet Forms app makes it possible to process all your forms anywhere and offline.

After entering the log in information the app will check if there is an internet connection and synchronize with the TabletForms server so that the latest version of all forms is available in the app. 

If there is no internet connection the document screen directly opened .




Documents screen

In the documents screen all documents which are not yet completed are displayed by their name, date and document number. The documents can be generated by the server or within the app itself.

Each document has the following options:

Open the document: Select the document name

Rename the document: Swipe to the right over the document name

Delete the document: Swipe to the left over the document name

Search: Enter a part of the document name in the search field

*: The document in the app is more recent than the version on the server

Create a Document

  • Select the New Document icon blob1473084940363.png
  • Select from the Form templates the document you would likeand it will be created with the current data and time

Submit Documents

A document will directly be sent to the TabletForms server when selecting Submit in the document menu. If there is no internet connection the document is saved and will be submitted once the synchronize buttonsync.png is pressed.

Once the document has successfully been sent it will be deleted from the app so that only not yet completed or incomplete documents are displayed.