Every form has a certain amount of options for archiving, workflows and sending an email of the output files.


The archive option deletes forms which are no longer necessary to keep the system efficient and fast. The number of days specify how long the document must be kept before it will be deleted.


The amount of days by completed documents is only relevant if the document is in a completed state.

The amount of days by all documents is relevant for all available documents of this form template.


Selection of users to whom the form is assigned to. This enables the user to select the form in the app and create a new document. 

Multiple users can be selected to assign the form to all selected.


The workflow options define what actions occur once the document has been saved or submitted.

The Standard workflow option uses the Email options which are directly beneath this section on this screen.

The Form specific workflow executes a workflow file which is present on the server and is used for custom made workflows and does not use the Email options beneath.


Email options

The Email options allows an administrator to specify how the document is sent once it has been saved or submitted. All of the form fields can also be used in the Email options by placing them between the following characters: [' ']. For example ['tf_Ordernumber'] will display the entered value of the tf_Ordernumber field of the document.

This is a short list of frequent used document fields:

 ['tf_documentname'] The name of the document

 ['tf_documentnr'] The unique number of the document

 ['tf_user'] The name of the user who saved or submitted the document

 ['tf_user_email'] The email of the user who saved or submitted the document