1. Select the New Document button
  2. Select Choose file by CSV

When creating documents with a csv file, multiple documents pre-filled with data and assigned to multiple users are generated all at once.

The CSV file consist of 3 mandatory headers, followed by optional field names and are all seperated by a semicolon: ;

Each row in the CSV file generates a document.

1 Demo document 1 user_1@email.com Field data 1 Field data 11
1 Demo document 2 user_2@email.com Field data 2 Field data 22

Example CSV:


1;Demo document 1;user_1@email.com;Field data 1;Field data 11

1;Demo document 2;user_2@email.com;Field data 1;Field data 22

This example CSV will generate one document for user user_1@email.com and one document for user user_2@email.com.

The first document is named Demo document 1 and contains two fields pre-filled with data "Field data 1" and "Field data 11" .

The second document is named Demo document 2 and contains two fields pre-filled with data "Field data 2" and "Field data 22" .

An administrator is able to generate documents for other users and himself by CSV.

A user can only generate documents for himself by CSV and the column Gebruiker is ignored.