TablertForms Documents is a user-friendly tool for processing all your digital forms on PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

When you log in as an administrator you will be shown the dashboard screen. Here you will find a complete oversight of all your products.  The amount of licences in use and still available, the number of available DocumentLink Credits and the start and end date of your useraccount licences. Also you will see the number of forms in use and documents that are active at that moment.

In the menu you have the following choices:

Documents:             An overview of existing documents and the opportunity to open new documents.

Users:                       Manage the users in Tablet Forms

Forms:                     Create and manage the form templates with which Documents can be created .

Categories:             Through the categories tab, an administrator can filter forms and users.

Designer:                Possibility to design forms yourself.

Optionlists:            Import lists and link them to one or more forms